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Our Oracle DBA Training in Chennai means to guide fledglings (beginners) and employees as well. Oracle, the term can be characterized as trademark of SDBT. We are the Best Oracle DBA Training Institute in Chennai, no doubt, as far as syllabi covers as well as instructing styles are concerned. No where you can come across such a best guidance or teaching. Oracle training we give by blending all IT solutions like middleware, stockpiling and OS by means of making technological pioneers to teach and also by making innovation players in market to teach. We are thus giving extremely solid and one of a kind sound technological backings to our clients: students. Oracle DBA is a worldwide leading and demanding range of abilities in IT which too generously compensates with the highly paid occupations or jobs.

We are here to satisfy the global needs

We are an excellent IT organization who offers IT solutions, administrations and training to the clients even all over the globe (on line). We are the extraordinary IT training centre compared to other training centers in Chennai. Rather we are the best Oracle Database Training centre in Chennai. We represent considerable authority in Oracle and Web advancements. We offer the solutions even as per the global needs and even as much to satisfy the global needs further.

We have a solid group of people with skill in different innovations or technologies, so to say. We provide you, no doubt, the following without fail:

  • Best Quality
  • On time delivery
  • Sharp response
  • That steadfast client support and satisfaction.
  • What we offer is Most Excellent Oracle Database Training!

With our incredible involvement

We are in the field for about 20 years with all the incredible involvement in Oracle Database training. Our students are currently working in best IT organizations everywhere throughout the world rather. Dissimilar to other oracle training organizations, obviously, we ensure that our students are on the whole so much all around prepared to take up a DBA job indeed soon after the training rather. Also, almost certainly, we superbly give 24×7 on site as well as remote oracle database training administrations to prop up your IT needs. Our DBAs have indeed an average of 20 successful years of experience in the following( and thus all so winningly): Oracle Installation, Database creation, Backup and Recovery, Database and SQL optimization and performance tuning, High availability and DR solutions like RAC, Standby, Streams, and Golden Gate and so on and so forth.

Like different foundations or organizations we don’t cut the association (link) with our students after the training. Students can in any case take even very deep assistance from our all around experienced staff even after the training is finished or over. In the event when the students are not content with any class or classes that we do conduct, we are glad to do that again agreeable to their level by a similar workforce or another. We likewise help our students in getting a suitable job or placement dependent on their expertise level. And we use cutting edge devices alone to give the training and support.

A select training foundation for Oracle DBA and other DB related trainings is SDBT!

Sakthi DB Technology (SDBT) is the most excellent Oracle Database training establishment in Chennai offering the valuable Job Oriented Hands-on with Placement by the side by very deft and also all around experienced Oracle experts having a lot of a tough experiences of  Oracle training.

All Training Sessions are absolutely Practical

 We provide you assuredly with all the dedication all the in-depth courses on Oracle and business intelligence rather. All our Best Oracle training in Chennai does focus on really the practical than theoretical model. We provide hands-on Oracle training experience which would certainly help you to get Job very quickly at end of each of our oracle training program. Even otherwise we will get you the job or placement very immediately: very soon after finishing our Oracle Database training. And we provide you the theory material all in advance!!

Learn Oracle from the same team that is as involved in Oracle product development and we offer Oracle job assistance for positions in India as well as abroad rather. And everywhere in Chennai they would recommend us only for Oracle course, of course. Ours are excellent trainers and Oracle subject matter experts. They have designed and delivered the course content beyond what is expected by the students. Absolutely professional ones, our versatile trainers will engage you in training sessions that would help you to appreciate and understand the technology all so better indeed. You will thank us very much for our dedicated efforts and valuable insights which only made it easy for us to understand the concepts interlaying within the Oracle training.


To enrich all the computer knowledge & skill sets related to Oracle Database know-how of young software engineers all over the world by providing highest value added training in the area of Database Oracle Training. To serve, with all the certainty, the industries by providing very deftly trained human resources in the above area.


SDBT’s mission is to advance the computer science education worldwide with all the sure steps to drive rather the deep knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity as well in technology fields. SDBT’s mission is to leverage Oracle’s global technology leadership to offer a complete portfolio of computer science education resources to the whole world of students.